Lazybones’ Guard – WIP

Before the Shadespire Competitive Season ends I vow to do two things:

  1. I will win a Shadeglass Trophy using Speluchral Sepulchral Guard.
  2. I will learn how to spell Sepulcrahl Sepulchral without crutching on spell correct.

Before I complete the first, and easier, of the two quests I need to paint up my Skele Bros. I’m a lazy painter, not to say I’m a bad painter, just a lazy painter. I do not enjoy painting. I would go so far as to say that I loathe painting, and would happily play a game with my models basecoated in a single block colour from a rattle can.


I could play Warhammer Underworlds without painting my models. If someone makes the choice not to, don’t chastise them. Games Workshop created this game to attract all variety of players. Welcome those who prefer to spend their precious hobby time playing the game rather than painting. Anyway pious rant over I will be painting my Sepulcharl Sepulchral Guard.


As you can see I’ve basecoated them white – because that’s a good colour for bone to be built up from. However, I am lazy. Games Workshop recently released the Soul Wars box set, and with it came some amazing Nighthaunt models – and some even more amazing paints that would let you quickly paint up your ghosts and ghouls with a single layer to get them tabletop ready. “WELL” says I, “that looks like an easy solution to my dislike of painting!”. And within about 20minutes I had painted my warband. I will be adding Stirland Mud to the bases and then painting the rims black or purple, undecided as of yet.


BOOM! Done. Nearly. I’ve decided to nickname these guys my ‘Lazybones’ as I’ve taken so little effort to paint them up – but you can be certain I’ll be putting the effort in when they’re on the table. I hope to see you across the table at an event soon! The journey for the Shadeglass will be long and difficult, but I’ve got time on my hands…


  1. I have also been collecting these guys and also have issues spelling it. Sepulcral – nope – Sepultural – nope – Septitical – nope…

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