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Rebel Base Gaming – Event Review

Another event at the amazing Rebel Base Gaming and because the owner being a tip-top guy, he even came to pick me up and drive me to venue! 5/7 Perfect Owner. Would recommend. My last competitive event saw Skritch take first place at FanBoy 3 alas the event was not a Glass Trophy Tournament so I left Q2 without taking a Glass Trophy!

This was Skritch’s time to shine – at this point I’d just surpassed 100 Competitive Games with my Skaven (stats for nerds below). I’m determined to get a glass trophy with Skritch because I fell in love with the warband’s playstyle on launch and have never truly looked away since getting my hands on them.


If you’re interested in seeing my decklist for the Skaven Warband then it is available to view on this blog. Without further ado lets delve into the Event Review.


Game 1 vs Stormcast (Simon)

I was randomly drawn against Simon. I was a little nervous to see Stormcast in the first round as the Passive Build can be detrimental to my playstyle, if I don’t draw the cards I need early. Simon said he’d been following the game since it’s launch but hadn’t managed to find much time to play, so had pulled a deck list from the internet. This got me a little worried as it could well have been the Stallcast deck that is doing the rounds.

Fortunately it was an aggressive build which works well for my playstyle. Round 1 saw Krrk charge at Brightshield to do 2DMG and leaving himself vulnerable for a Steelheart counter charge. I took the gamble and Krrk remained alive but was driven away from Brightshield. Through good use of card combos and correct target priority an Inspired Skritch’s activation saw a dead Brightshield and Steelheart. A charge against Brightshield and a Ready for Action/Great Strength Attack against Steelheart earned me Victorious Duel, Precise Use of Force, and with Spoils of Battle I was able to grab Escalation, Ploymaster and Shining Example for a total of 9 Glory in Turn One, whilst Simon was able to score Plant a Standard for controlling an objective in my territory. Turn Two saw a Shadeglass Dagger wielding rat charge and kill Obryn to seal the deal – the remaining activations were spent cycling cards and moving models in to the Stormcast Board to prevent Denial.

Round 2 was a much closer affair but I was still able to make use of my Passive objectives to score Glory whilst Simon didn’t and the fight going into the final turn was heavily in my favour due to my upgrades. Simon was a fantastic player who revealed at the end of the game that he did not have the cards from Skaven/Dwarves onwards – I was shocked to see him come second overall without any of the ‘auto’ take cards from the last two waves of releases. I fully expect to see Simon challenging for Tournament wins at upcoming events very soon!


Game 2 vs Farstriders (Oli)

This would be a tough one! I find a well piloted Farstrider list to be very challenging for Skaven. Oli was playing them as the aggresive kind so would be looking to get into my board half to Inspire – I had to not let him do that. Without any access to meaningful Cleave Skaven can struggle to break two shield defence dice. Again, the Great Horned Rat smiled upon me and provided favourable Objectives – mainly Skritch is the Greatest yes-yes, and Change of Tactics which allowed me to use Lurking Skaven to get a Glory from CoT and Upgrade Skritch with Incredible Strength to being one-shotting folks in Turn One.

Both games ended up with Skritch hulking out and dominating the play. Until the final turn of our second Round when the entire swarm of rats left the fight to safely score Shining Example and Chosen Champion which unlocked Superior Tactician and, and flee into the far corner of the Farstrider Territory to stop Denial. This secured me my second Game win. Just one more Game till I could finally claim Shadeglass after so long!


Game 3 vs Sepulchral Guard (Paul)

Here it is. The Glass Trophy Match. If Skritch wins this he can hang up his Warpstone and take a well earned rest. But first, his old nemesis from the Objective Deck days awaits him. The Warden.

Paul was my final opponent for the day and had been running riot with Overextended & Claim the City scored multiple times throughout the day. Madness. I questioned him on it before the game and he explained that against Stallcast he wanted the option to surprise them with claiming all five and dumping big glory.

As I knew Paul would be playing heavy objectives I opted to take the Hazardous Hex Fire Board and placed my objectives on them. This would deter the skeletons from moving onto them as I had left Krrk out of their charge range but in range to play sweeper keeper and kill anyone who tries to take my objectives.

Skritch ran rampant in these two games. I think he totalled a body count of around 14 over both games gleefully killing every skeleton in sight. I’ve had great experience against Sepulchral Guard through my regular opponent, Harry, who played them at their highest level at Grand Clashes when he was competing frequently so I feel I have this match-up in the bag – most times. Fortunately that experience shone through and I was able to take victory! Glass at last!


Hero’s Mantle

Skritch can now take his place alongside Sevrin on the Hero’s Mantle. The only question now is who do I play at The Forge Glass Trophy Event on September 29th? I feel that the Skeletons may be rising to take the day!


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