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Spiteclaw’s Swarm – Deck List

The Leader Pack has been out for nearly two months now. We’ve seen it’s impact on the competitive scene and bar a few outliers *cough*Falcon Strike*cough* the dust has mostly settled and we’ve not truly seen a meta shift. Farstriders are probably the top tier faction in my opinion as their playstyle can flow perfectly between passive and aggressive depending on their opponent.

“I hate that bird. Look at it’s stupid smug face.”

I’m still sticking it out with my Skaven however, and will be taking them to the events I attend in September. If you’re UK based and fancy a chance at Glass why not visit The Forge in Manchester on September 29th.

If you’ve been following along then the deck has not changed particularly since it’s last iteration however for those who may be new to the game or this blog; the deck focuses on utilising the overpowering strength of Skritch (he is the greatest yes-yes) to kill, mane, mutilate and generally cause chaos wherever he goes.

Whilst skaven are seen as a primarily hold objective warband there are just too many cards around now that prevent this from being a viable competitive play option. So by utilising Shadeglass Weapons and incredibly fast models the warband is able to pick apart it’s foe. Another surprising benefit is that because of the warband’s Dodge defence characterisitic it nullifies all the Cleave upgrades and abilities that are inherently built in to other aggro factions.

“Double Dodge is legit!”

Enough ramble. Here’s the net deck.


Victorious Duel (305)
Change of Tactics (243)
Precise Use of Force (284)
Chosen Champion (244)
Master of War (272)
Shining Example (L24)
Ploymaster (282)
Alone in the Darkness (235)
Advancing Strike (234)
Superior Tactician (291)
Skritch is the Greatest, yes-yes (154)
Escalation (257)


Quick Thinker (347)
Great Concussion (329)
Time Trap (368)
Musk of Fear (159)
Illusory Fighter (332)
Sidestep (360)
Hidden Paths (331)
Ready for Action (348)
Trap (369)
Spoils of Battle (362)


Awakened Weapon (376)
Shadeglass Hammer (412)
Shadeglass Dagger (410)
Helpful Whispers (393)
Great Strength (391)
Incredible Strength (395)
Acrobatic (374)
A Destiny to Meet (373)
Tethered Spirit (424)
Deathly Fortitude (384)

I’m still drawn back to objective play but I just can’t bring myself to do it, who knows maybe I’ll wildcard it at an event.


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