Top Deckin’ and Wreckin’ – Destruction Deck

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To finish my Deck Construction Series I felt I should share my Destruction Deck that I reference so heavily.


Godrakk, Fist of Gork
Warboss Recruiter
Orruk Boss
Orruk Boss

19pts, +5 health


Crusin’ for a Bruisin’
Prophet of the Waagh
Smash & Bash
Might of Gork

Action Cards

3x Orruk Scrappers
3x Orruk Shield Bashas
3x Brute Smashas
2x Suprising Skulkers
2x Corwardly Grots
2x Gore Choppa Brute
2x Sweeping Gore Grunta
3x Waagh Chanter

3x Deadly Chop
3x Mosh Pit
3x Opportunity Strike
1x Rallying Cry


Quest, Quest and Quest again! The quests are very easy to complete – primarily being damage, recruit and ability. I tend to rush out the cards I draw early on and then rely on the Recruiter’s heroic ability to draw a card at the start of the turn and immediately deploy if able or hold it to deploy onto a different champion and draw another card for next turn. When the Waagh Chanters come out I find the deck is able to quickly ramp up it’s deployment and card draw. When the time is right for a huge spike of damage the Heroic Ability from Godrakk almost guarantees a game ending situation. The ideal use is a fully stacked Cowardly Grots for an immediate 12DMG – keep these in hand until you can deploy them and heroic for a huge spike.

The Blessings chosen all deal damage or allow for greater action economy, and I’m always happy to see any of them, though most happy to see Cruisin’ for a Brusin’

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