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Nightvault – What We Know

Big reveals at the Nova Open yesterday!

So, we already know about the Troggoth and we all assumed the opening factions would be Ghouls and Stormcast (they’re in the Soulwars box…it was a dead give-away). But it’s also been confirmed that we’ll have EIGHT new factions to collect and battle with!

We were also treated to this sexy picture of a game in progress!


What can we see:

  • New Magic Dice (the blue ones)
  • New Boards (no lethal hexes in sight)
  • New Objective Tokens
  • New Rulebook – hopefully with some clear definitions of warband etc.

We were also treated to the leader’s card for the new Stormcast Eternals which shows that Nightvault will include MAGIC! (#CalledIt!), and even more so that’s how these Stormcast inspire so we can expect to see it feature heavily in their playstyle. The new ‘magic’ card also gives us an idea of how magic may work beneath the Mirrored City.


It has been confirmed that all boards, cards and warbands are compatible! Get ready for analysis paralysis when trying to create your 20 card power deck.

However, lets take into consideration that there is a competitive scene and we may see ‘nightvault only’ Generics imposed on events.

We also got treated to this b-e-a-utiful chap!


The Moonclan Grot dream is real! Give me a fanatic!!






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