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WOW! This is a big one! Choosing your Action Cards is a very broad topic as each Faction has a plethora of options. To keep this article relevant but generic enough for all factions I have outlined a few key points you should take into consideration when choosing your Action Cards.


Questing. Questing. Questing.

Do you have what you need to complete your quests? If you have lots of ‘recruit’ quests then you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of units, and if you can’t stack then you may want to consider some ‘quick’ cards that will leave play quickly to free up the lane. Similarly, if you have a bunch of ‘ability’ quests then you want to ensure that you have enough abilities to reliably pull them from your deck. In my experience I have found that a 2:1 ratio of Units:Abilities in a Warrior Champion Only deck is an ideal ratio.

Consistency is Key.

How valuable is the card? Not in terms of it’s rarity but how useful is it actually on the tabletop? For example, in my Destruction Deck the Orruk Shieldbashers are pretty ‘meh’ BUT they have ‘stacking’ and ‘orruk’ so play into my Recruiter strategy perfectly, so I’ll take three please. If you find a unit is taking too long to rotate out, or you never find a good time to deploy them then you should consider removing them or reducing the number of them in your deck to make room for ‘better’ cards. Remember taking all three available cards is 10% of your deck! Is it worth that much of your available Action Cards?

Damage will win you the game!

Some cards have fantastic abilities and delay your opponent through making them ‘dormant’ or block deployment, but if you’re not doing damage then your opponent will eventually win! If your deck can’t put out at least 35 damage, then you probably won’t win games. Look to include units and abilities that either do consistent chip damage such as the Bloodfury Wrathmonger, or huge spike damage like a Crowded Wolf Chariot.

Take Opportunity Strike & the Faction Remove Ability

I wholeheartedly recommend taking three of your Faction specific ‘remove’ ability (Devour, Deadly Chop, Triumphant Smash, Blood Hunt), and three Opportunity Strike. Remove is always good and the additional benefit is nice. Whilst Opportunity Strike is what I like to call Top Deckin’ and Wreckin’ if you’re going first and you’re fortunate enough to draw OS then you get a ‘free’ 5 DMG to your opponent – though you should probably deploy a unit second to prevent it from being reciprocated.

What about spells?

I truly find it difficult to include a Wizard at this stage in the game. Warrior Wizards are awesome as they prevent any dead draw you may have, but if you have three Warriors and a single Wizard then you can get yourself in some nasty situations where you draw those juicy spells and wizard abilities…but have a spell in play so can’t use the ability or you simply draw into a run of spells and can’t use them because you have to wait for your current spell to end. If you have the option to run a Warrior Wizard then I say do that before a Wizard as your card draw will always be useful, and some of the Wizard Abilitiy Cards a bonkers good – so even just taking them for your Warrior Wizard can be worthwhile (I’m looking straight at you Celestant Prime & Celestial Fate).

That’s a Wrap

Obviously, this list isn’t exhaustive and is merely a starting block to get your creative juices flowing! If you have any ideas that could be added into this list drop them down in the comment section and I’ll be sure to read and reply!



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