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Deck Construction – Choosing your Blessings

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Since my previous article on Choosing your Champions I have played about 50+ games of Age of Sigmar Champions! We at The Forge are LOVING this game. We have an event coming up on September 1st and you can expect it to be an amazing day of gaming! We some of the best players in the Manchester, UK area turning up!

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Just like in the previous article I’ll be focusing on my Destruction Deck, this is a simple playstyle of ‘Mace to Face’ so the Champions I have chosen allow me to quest quickly, and flood the board with Units. Now, why have I chosen to pick Champions that quest quickly? Well, dear reader, that is because the Blessings are incredibly powerful cards that can accelerate your victory or save you from defeat! For example these four blessings can easily turn the tide of battle and are worth hunting for!

Each of these cards have an amazing in-game effect that can totally throw game balance out of whack – so you should search for your own game busting card before your opponent finds theirs!

How to Choose your Blessings

After choosing your Champions you should have a good idea of what you intend for your deck to do! If you’re playing Destruction you’re probably looking at playing pure unadulterated aggro and should pick Blessings that do raw damage, or provide additional actions to aid future quests. Prophet of the Waaagh, Might of Gork and Smash and Bash all provide these amazing benefits!

Pick a Theme

You should try to ensure that your Blessings all push towards your deck’s objective! For example if you’re playing Stormcast (aka Stallcast) then you may want to look at blessings that delay your opponent such as Abjuration or heal yourself (see above). When you flip a Blessing over you shouldn’t be disappointed in what you see!! If you have a very situational Blessing then it’s probably a bad choice. With the effort you’ve spent Questing then you should get an immediate benefit.

Ignore the Rarity

Rare does not equal powerful! Some of the best Blessings are common or uncommon! Divine Blast, Might of Gork, Supernatural Horror, Outrageous Carnage are all common Blessings for each of the factions that I’d be happy to see flipped!

Ask yourself – how likely will this Blessing come into use?

There are very powerful Blessings that are extremely situational! You need to make the decision to include these if they are worth it with your deck build, for example an Order deck that has a mix of Aelf and Stormcast units will not always benefit from Llandra’s Last Lament the on card effect is extremely powerful – damage reduction and unremovable Aelf units! If you’ve not built for this the be taken advantage off then it’s worthless! When we look at which units to pick we’ll loop back to these Blessings again.

Struggling to Finish a Quest?

In my opinion Destruction have the easiest time questing because they have Stacking so readily available, and typically get 2-3 blessings in play very quickly. If you’re struggling to finish a quest with the same Champion in multiple games then perhaps you need to alter the ratio of abilities & units or on card effects in the game, or look at your Champion choices and their questing. Again, we’ll cover this in our Units & Abilities blog.


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9 thoughts on “Deck Construction – Choosing your Blessings

  1. This feels a little short compared to the champions and doesn’t really feel very guiding? I would have liked to read more.

    1. Hey Gunsniper,

      Added in a few extra paragraphs that hopefully help guide your choices. I’ve found the Blessings difficult to talk about without covering Units yet – I may have done them in the wrong order.

  2. In your first article you talked about your 4 champions. In this article you didn’t mention which blessings you use in your deck. Mind sharing?

      1. Those are the ones I would pick as well…so at least I have the right mindset. Sadly I don’t own two of the 4 yet 🙁

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