Age of Sigmar Champions

Well! The new hotness has certainly taken hold in The Forge Manchester!

I was fortunate enough to buy a Founder’s Pack for £150 which came with a truck load of exclusive merch, and I’m probably about 3 booster boxes deep into the game.

So far I’ve LOVED running a Destruction Deck, and I’m super happy that Orruks and Grots are not just a ‘lol’ faction and actually have good in game mechanics that fit thematically ie. the dream combo: theme & competitiveness.

Currently I am running the following deck list:


Snazgarr Stinkmullet
Gordrakk, Fist of Gork
Orruk Boss
Orruk Boss


Cruisin for a Bruisin
Smash and Bash
Renewed War Lust
Might of Gork


Arcane Bolt (x2)
Invigorating Chant (x2)
Reckless Inspiration (x3) [OP Card – expect an errata coming soon]
Rallying Cry (x2)
Mosh Pit (x2)
Deadly Chop (x3)
Orruk Shield Bashers (x3)
Brute Smashas (x3)
Orruk Scrappers (x3)
Waaagh! Chanter (x3)
Gore-Choppa Brute (x2)
Sweeping Gore Grunta (x2)

When I find the cards I’ll be including another Mosh Pit in place of a Rallying Cry. As it deals 3 DMG and forces an opponent to disacard a card from their deck. Reducing their potential draw deck by 10% is a nice bonus and can be particularly tilting if it was a ‘good’ card they were forced to discard.





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