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Welcome Back!

I recently attended an event in the centre of Manchester at the fantastic FanBoy 3 venue. This tournament was right on my doorstep so to do my bit for the growing community I decided to attend to show support to one of my Local Gaming Stores, and ensure they see Warhammer: Shadespire deserves the event space they allocate it! You should try and attend your LGS events too!

After my last run out with the Defensive Orruks I definitely wanted to go return to my Skaven – as infuriating as it can be when the dice are against you, personally, I find the games more tense and enjoyable.


Game 1 vs Farstriders

So, the round was drawn and I was against a lovely chap, who’s name I’ll refrain from mentioning, and his Farstriders. He told me he’d managed to claim four glass trophies so far, so I was expecting a tough match up and prepared accordingly. We got game 1 underway and after a Krrk & Skritch tag-team on Mr. Farstrider I’d scored Victorious Duel! and my opponent conceded. 3-0 to me, end of turn 1. I was a little annoyed at the scoop because it capped my potential Glory scored for the event but at the same time a win is a win. What’re your thoughts?

In Game 2 we played it out and in the first turn an Inspired Skritch was able to deal 3 wounds to Mr. Farstrider, whilst my opponent was able to score Supremacy and Our Only Way Out for 5 Glory. I held Victorious Duel, Advancing Strike, and Skritch is the Greatest, yes-yes so was banking on a big payout in turn 2…it never came. Skritch just KEPT. ON. ROLLING. SUPPORTS. it was infuriating and by the end of turn 2 I knew I’d lost the game as my opponent was able to score Eternal Supremacy and some minor passive objectives.

Game 3. My opponent decided to mulligan his starting objectives. He dropped Escalation, Advancing Strike, Our Only Way Out, and Precise Use of Force. Yes. Four Objectives. I asked him if he’d picked up four by mistake and he, genuinely, seemed shocked that it wasn’t four objectives and confessed that he’d played with four in the previous game. This put me in a horrible internal dilemma – on one hand my opponent had unintentionally cheated and gained a HUGE advantage in the previous round (and a player with four glass trophies under his belt should know better), on the other hand it’s just a game and mistakes will happen. Ultimately I decided not to call the TO and played the final game. During this game we had the infamous ‘Shattering Terrain & Push Card’ interaction debate – it became quite heated and after explaining why it doesn’t work he asked for a two activation take back. At this point I put my foot down and said that it’s too far gone. In the end I lost the game, I had been put on tilt by the unintentional cheating in round 2 and the heated debate about Shattering Terrain.

We shook hands after the game. If I were to play this player again I’ll definitely be carefully watching every card draw and timing window to ensure a clean game. I don’t believe any of it was intentional but in my 186 games of competitive Shadespire this is the one big negative that sticks out – clarity, clean play, and no-take-backs at all times are a trait I uphold myself to and when playing against someone who quite clearly doesn’t it is jarring.

Game 2 vs Farstriders

A familiar face across the table! I was playing against a seemingly regular opponent, Richard, usually he brings Garrek’s Boiz and a sigh of relief audibly left my lips when the Farstriders were put down. Rich is a stellar player and his khorne warband always gives me a good fight – I think in head-to-head I’m currently ahead though 😉

There isn’t a great deal to be said about these games. My aggro deck worked a dream – the right ploys came out in Turn 1, as did the passive objectives and the upgrades came later exactly when I needed them. I was able to win both games with a comfortable Glory Margin, and after the first round was exactly what I needed to ground myself. When Richard has tweeked his deck and begun fine-tuning it’ll be a much tougher match up!

Game 3 vs Magore’s Fiends

Another friendly face from the local gaming store! James was running his Magore’s Fiends, a change from his usual Skaven warband – Great Concussion has killed off his passion for Objective Play as it’s nowhere as reliable as it once was. The new Leader Cards do go some way to mitigate this and I’ll be interested to do some playtest games of whether it truly works or not.

Our games were surprisingly one-sided. James just couldn’t hit and inspire at all, or I had ploys that aided in stopping the charges. Skritch and my Power Deck were obviously doing all they could to brighten my day after the first game as every time James hit with a Crit and Hammer I was matching it with Crit & Dodge. Skritch was killing for fun and whenever I needed a top-deck card to ensure someone lived or to stop Denial I was granted the Get Out Of Jail Free card. One such example was that Skritch had charged and failed to kill Magore for Victorious Duel. Magore upgraded to Great Strength and charged, I successfully defended. Ghartok (whichever fiend it was, I don’t know) moved up as James’ second activation to get crowd outs and take two swings on Skritch. I top decked Illusory Fighter and fled to out of range of any Fiend. Thanks deck.

I was able to win both games vs James thanks to his subpar dice and my on-the-nose dice.

Final Reckoning

Despite the first round being a non-starter I ended up being joint first with my round one sparring partner. In a twist of M.Night Shamalamadingdong proportions the winner of the event was NOT the winner of the Glass Trophy, but instead the winner of the store league won the Glass Trophy – this went to my final round opponent, James. I’m glad he finally got to take home the glass as he’s a great player and deserved better in his final two games.


  1. Wow, I don’t know what’s more worth commenting on, the guy who’s won 4 trophies by using 4 objectives or the last minute “this tournament actually had no prizes lol”

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