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Competitive Skaven – Update

Just a quick blog entry with my latest results inputted into the spreadsheet of doom. I’m extremely happy with my Overall Win Percentage of 74%. What started as a little side project has truly developed into a passion for tracking results – especially with my Skaven!


I’ve been tracking my competitive play with Skaven since their release in Wave 3, and I’ve noticed my playstyle has changed drastically with them since Wave 4 and the introduction of Great Concussion – which essentially nuked competitive objective play.


I’m nearing 100 competitive games with my Skaven now and I’m excited for them to reach their century, and hopefully bag their first Shadeglass Trophy (something I’ve only managed with Aggrocast) I’ll be competing for it at Just Play Games in Liverpool tomorrow. Maybe I’ll strike glass – who knows? There are some cracking players attending so I’m not overly confident but I’d be disappointed to not podium given my run of placement at events…



I’ll report back on the event next week! Wish me luck!!


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