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Leader Cards – Are they worth it?

We’ve seen more cards from the Leader Pack (released this weekend). Check out our thoughts on the already revealed cards and read on if you’ve already seen it, as we discuss these new cards and whether we see a use for them. So far I’m not sold on this pack…

Undefeated: 1 Glory in the third end phase…STOP THIS! Third End phase cards need to be at least two Glory to due to their HORRENDOUS restrictions!. Result: Not in Deck.

Sufficent: 1 Glory for having all my other fighters dead…in ALL playstyles (objective, passive, aggro) you never want to get your fighters wiped. Result: Not in Deck.

Neutralise: You have slightly better than a 50/50 chance (with mulligan) of drawing this card in time for it to be in effect…and then you HAVE to kill the enemy leader. Yeah…nah…thanks but no thanks. Result: Not in Deck.

Look Out!: I’ll be sacrificing a friendly model (due to +1DMG) and giving up a glory to prevent a leader death. This is decent, but due to the adjacent friend I’d much rather take ‘On Your Feet‘ to prevent deaths for THE EXACT SAME ODDS! Result: Not in Deck.

Commanding Presence: So my leader needs to be up and in the mix and boosting my other fighters. It’s a middle of the road card – I see Farstriders & Steelheart making use of this but I don’t think it’s gonna break into 20 card decks. Result: Not in Deck.

Trusted Second: Any fighter can have this one. Better. Only supporting the leader. Sigh. Again, it’s gonna struggle to make it into the 20 card decks. Steelheart & Orruks may like to use this one but I’m not sure on it really. Result: Not in Deck.


Krrk Now Leads! No. Skritch is SO integral for the gameplay of Skaven you should NEVER! EVER! plan for him to die. EVER! ESPECIALLY FOR ONE SODDING GLORY WHICH YOU GAVE UP FOR HIM DIEING! Result: Not in Deck. Torn up. Thrown in the bin. Set the bin on fire. Throw the burning bin into a canal.

Final Thoughts:

I’ll still be buying it because I’m certain one or two cards from the pack will become auto-includes but of the revealed cards…I’m – at best – deciding if I should bother including them.


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One thought on “Leader Cards – Are they worth it?

  1. Yeah, these cards all seem like straight trash. Not even buying them, I guess I can pick them up later if there’s a single good unrevealed card in the set.

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