Are the New Boards Worth Taking?

The new boards have been revealed and I’m excited to collect mine from The Game Forge Manchester and begin using them in my practice games, to see if they make the cut for competitive play. Now, something to take note is that you can only take two boards, currently, to an event so selecting your boards will become another lever to pull when considering warband construction. On that note, let’s dust off the theoryhammer and take a swing at the revealed boards.

Crystal Board


Of the two this is the one I’ve taken a shine to as for an aggressive deployment this board offers a lot on both the short and the long edges. If your opponent wants to play long board then they will likely choose the right edge of the board, but this gives you an aggressive start with three models, whereas the left edge of the board puts you as close as possible with your two best fighters. Coupled with the new Tyrant’s Command Card most warbands will be able to threaten a turn one charge even on long board deployment!

Fiery Board


I’m not a huge fan of this board in all honesty. There is a very nice cluster of four deployment hexes at the bottom of the board which I can see Magore’s Fiends & Orruks loving to stay together and get stuck in quickly, especially with two hexes on the edge. Other than that I don’t really see any benefit to taking this board face over the original two – Orruks may enjoy the free Inspire condition though.

In Conclusion…

I foresee these boards being used by the aggressive warbands who want to go and fight in their opponents territory – leaving the hazards behind them, and putting objectives next to the hazards.

I’m unsure how I feel right now about these as Push cards are already super strong so being able to push and cause DMG from a hex outlined in Red, and I expect if these boards do become immensely popular then Push cards will dominate the landscape. As if Great Concussion needed a boost…

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