Something Slightly Different

In an entirely unprecedented turn of events I’ve decided to go in on the Founder’s Pack for Warhammer Champions.

This will be my first foray into the CCG arena and I’m both frightened and excited. If you’ve not seen it then Warhammer Champions is made by PlayFusion (the chaps who brought us Lightseekers) and looks to build on the mechanics they created.

Through my love of Warhammer Underworlds and it’s quick ‘set up and play’ I’ve been drawn into the realms of card games & I’m truly excited to give this a go, and if it’s naff I’ll have some Limited Edition Swag hanging around.

I’m hoping to return to my roots and start doing some more video content again soon for The Game Forge Manchester. The Founders Pack doesn’t arrive until August 2018 so hopefully I’ll begin creating video content around then.


Will you be playing Warhammer Champions? Has your involvement with Warhammer Underworlds ignited a love of card games? Pre-order your starter packs today from The Game Forge Manchester for discount & express shipping.

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