Revealed Leader Cards

We had an exciting reveal yesterday on the Warhammer Community Page! We got our first glimpse at some of the cards in the upcoming Leader Pack, some are great, some are not so great. What do you think? Can you spare the space in your deck to include these? What do they replace? 

Leader Ploys

Commanding Reach: A blank card for Skritch & The Warden as they natively come with Range 2 attacks on their card, but this is certainly a contender for threat extension on the remaining leaders.

Final Duty: Not one I’m a fan of personally. It’s a 50-50 and only lets you make an attack. I’d prefer to take Last Chance or Rebound for a chance at living rather than another attack.

Quick Advance: This is amazing for Objective Decks!! Almost guarantees Supremacy/Our Only Way Out/Key Blitz and could be exactly what was needed to bring that playstyle back in vogue.

Tyrant’s Command: Long board set ups beware! This will finally allow warbands to move – charge and get some distance covered. Coupled with Hidden Paths for a horrendous teleportation and charge. This might make it’s way into a lot of decks, it’s Quick Thinker’s best friend – don’t get hit by their charge and then charge back in yourself!

Leader Upgrades

Treacherous Second: On it’s own I don’t really like this one, it’s a nice insurance policy. But as ever, I’m never a fan of relying on my boiz dying for effects to come off. However, when comboed with…

Rising to the Challenge: …you get a nice pairing for a reserve leader. +1 Wound & +1 Dice can create some horrific combinations such as 5 Wound 4 Dice Doggo or Brightshield.

Commanding Shout: Potentially a nice ability to go on the leader of an Objective Based Warband (if you can squeeze it in after the keys) being able to push fighters around after Great Concussion or Distraction is a nice combo with Quick Advance.

Apex Predator: Meh. Only counts towards the opposing leader so in a standard 1v1 game it’s only ever earning you one glory and takes up a slot that can make your own leader more killy/survivable.

Leader Objectives


Well Guarded: A nice and easy passive objective to score – it’s opposite to Alone in the Darkness so be careful running both these in your deck.

Slayer: You’re going to be looking at some combo play going on here to have your leader kill two in a turn, or positioning well to allow a kill without moving and then a charge. Doable but a bit risky imo.

Great Slayer: #WinMore Same issues as above. You’re putting a lot of eggs in your crown shaped basket.

Linchpin: This is too specific and relies on you not making attacks with your leader. Not a fan if I’m honest.

Fearless Leader: This is a great objective if you’re going last in Turn One! Very easy to score. I think this will appear in quite a few decks, as it facilitates doing some chip DMG to go for the kill next turn.

Final Thoughts

I’m excited! I can’t wait to see what the faction specific cards are, and to begin deck building all over again. Expect an in-depth review on the blog when I finally get hold of these.




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