Upcoming & Past Events

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted a blog but life seems to have been moving a mile-a-minute.

Recent Events I’ve attended have been:

UKGE Grand Clash – 3rd Place
Rebel Base Gaming – 2nd Place

This weekend I’ll be attending the event a The Game Forge and hopefully bringing home the glass…or at least hitting another podium!

Skritch has been on fire for me recently and the rats have been pulling their weight too! I’ve played over 75 competitive games now with my Skaven and they’re getting close to their century!! (I’ve played more games, but have yet found the time to sit down and add in a ‘draw’ function to my excel spreadsheet).

win rate

I’m incredibly happy with the results I’ve been able to achieve with the Rats with them consistently reaching the top 3 spots.


Maybe if I was playing down south they’d be winning trophies week in and week out, but we Northerners are made of tougher stuff, and roll good-old honest hammers and swords, rather than just crits 😉

One comment

  1. You seem to be quite active in the tournament scene. I’m going to a Grand Clash in August and they have both a painting competition and tournament so I have to decide on which war band could win both. In your opinion which war band would be best? Cheers


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