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Event Review – Stormforge Hobbies & Games

Last Saturday I travelled down to a new store in Warrington as it advertised a coveted Glass Trophy Event. I knew there was a chance that there would be relics there because of the Glass Trophy and I’ll be honest in saying I was half tempted to run my own Scaredy Kat deck to try and win it. But I decided I wanted to make a good impression on a new group of gamers so took my Aggrocast instead.

Upon arriving the conversation quickly turned into one of “So…who brought the relics?” to my despair it turned out that one of the local players had brought the Scaredy Kat relic deck…/sigh.

Game One versus Garrek’s Reavers


The format of the tournament was such that we would play three games against each opponent regardless of the win/loss numbers. My opponent informed me that he wasn’t very good at the game and consistently made mistakes, and that I should inform him of any misplays so he could improve.

I was able to comfortably win all three games with Sevrin going a bit blood crazy and killing everything he looked at, but I’m very pleased to say that my opponent’s warband won the best painted award.

Game Two versus Scaredy Kat


Yeah…this was awful and quite possibly my least enjoyable gaming experience to date. My opponent was pleasant enough but after the first dull game I was very tempted to scoop and concede my other two games as if I’m not allowed to interact in any meaningful way then why should my opponent? All three games were over in about 30 minutes as we were basically just going through the motions. In all 36 activations I made a single attack action.

Knowing that I was out of the running for the Glass and my Glory Differential through the floor I was almost at the point of dropping from the event heading to the nearest beer garden and enjoying the sun.

Game Three versus Aggrocast


I was drawn against another Aggrocast warband, and with my Glory Differential destroyed I knew the glass and maybe even the podium were out of reach, especially when playing against another low model warband. I played on anyway and was able to pull out three victories and a respectable +24 Glory Differential. This put me back into the positive by 9 for the event. I was fortunate in this game as I drew both Trap and Twist the Knife in my opening/mulliganed hands so that I could one-shot the opposing Stormcast.

Overall Result

Overall I was able to come joint second with a Fyreslayer warband which surprised me greatly and I did far better than I expected which just goes to show you should always carry on playing regardless of what the odds are. Unsurprisingly, the Scaredy Kat deck won the event. Congratulations.

I’ll be attending the Grand Clash at Warhammer Fest this weekend and I seriously hope that the rules writers announce that they’re working on a solution to the Scaredy Kat problem as I’ve never come across such a negative play experience as that. I’m not one to even think about conceding normally as I’ll take the 99% shot at victory if it’s there but they were the most depressing and dull games I’ve ever played. No slight intended to my opponent by any of this, but even the nicest guy on the planet couldn’t make that deck enjoyable to play into.


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