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RATophrane Relics


With the release of Magore’s Fiends and The Farstriders we have been blessed/cursed with the final two Katophrane Relics. For those who don’t know, the Katophrane Relics are Upgrade cards that have cumulative abilities the more you stack onto one model. When you get the full set of 6 onto a model it allows you to spend an Action to generate 4 Glory. 4 GLORY!

I’ve been theorying the Katophrane Relic Deck since I first started playing Shadespire as it isn’t actually that hard to find all 6 cards in your deck of 20. ESPECIALLY when you include the card cycle abilities in your ploys, and once you have 4 relics it’s VERY easy to get through the deck.

The faction I always theorized this deck working on was Objective Skeletons as they can generate the 5 Glory required to equip the relics before spaffing their final turn on scoring 16/12 Glory, but also because they can resurrect the wearer of the Katophranes so that a canny player cannot remove them from play.

However, once I began playing I soon found that Skaven were just as good (if not a bit better) and an unusual suspect claimed the Katophrane for himself. Skritch became my Katophrane Caddy. With his easy inspiration mechanic, good defensive stats and access to alternative actions he actually became my top choice.


The Deck List



Hold 1-5: Easy access to glory. Very achievable

Supremacy: If it comes off then equipping the relics is simple.

Escalation: The game plan revolves around equipping the Relics this plays into that perfectly.

Master of War: A staple in my objectives super easy to achieve.

Ploymaster: The Ploys are all very easy to use and this is a Glory that can be scored without interacting with my opponent.

Chosen Champion: A new objective that I think will be quite a popular one – requires one guy with 3+ upgrades…I’m gunning for 6 on one person.

Precise Use of Force & Skritch is the Greatest: These small Score Immediately cards allow the Objective Deck to cycle quicker and give a little glory boost mid-turn.


Illusory Fighter: Inspires & keeps Skritch safe

Spoils of Battle: Reduces the Glory required to equip the full set.

Duel of Wits: Card cycle is key!!

Rebound: If someone came after Skritch in game 1 knowing I have this card sows that seed of doubt.

Confusion: Inspires two skaven and helps take objectives.

Misdirection: Shattershard & Frozen in Time can truly spoil this build Misdirection is a reliable forceful denial.

Sacrificial Pawn: Inspires & helps gets Glory if the opponent kills that model

Trust to Luck: BIG card draw if the Relics are hidden at the bottom of the deck

There are always more: Inspires & always good to save an action that could be used to draw a card

Second Wind: Incredible use to catch opponents unaware

Ready for Action: You’ll be equipping plenty of upgrades so might as well get the most out of them.

Improvisation: Again, more card draw if you burn through your hand.


Katophrane Relics 1-6: It’s a Katophrane Deck…

Deathly Fortitude: Skaven are plenty fast as it is, giving Skritch 2 extra heath pushes him out of 1s shot range

Soultrap: Another chance to save the bearer of the relics

A destiny to meet: Free Glory for being alive!

Expendable: Prevent the opponent scoring glory and cause a bit of chip damage too

Incredible Strength: Put Skritch to DMG 4 and start one-shotting fighty warbands

Great Fortitude: 7 Health makes a truly untempting target to deal with


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7 thoughts on “RATophrane Relics

  1. Great read! I was looking at making a relic deck and Deathly Fortitude was in my ‘I probably should’ pile. Now its in my ‘definite’ pile.

  2. If you had to drop to 20 power cards, what would you consider dropping? I was thinking Rebound (low chance to succeed), Second Wind (situational), A Destiny to Meet, and Expendable (Glory via Relics is hopefully enough).

  3. If you had to drop to 20 power cards, what would you consider dropping? I was thinking Rebound (low chance to succeed), Second Wind (situational), A Destiny to Meet, and Expendable (Glory via Relics is hopefully enough).

  4. I think you need to have one more upgrade for this deck to be legal 12-11. Always need to round up on upgrades.

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