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Upcoming Events


What an exciting month it’s been so far! New toys, new FAQ and plenty of upcoming events! I’ve just about recovered from working Salute for Steamforged Games, and our current Kickstarter – Godtear (go check it out) is taking up a lot of my time and brain power at the moment however… MAY is my month of Shadespire Events!

MAY 4th – Element Games – Standard Event
MAY 5th – Stormforge Hobby – Store Championship
MAY 6th – Rebel Base Gaming – Standard Event
MAY 12th – Warhammer Fest – Grand Clash
MAY 18-19th – London GT  – Grand Clash
MAY 26th – Wargames Emporium – Store Championship
JUNE 1st – UK Games Expo – Grand Clash

3 Grand Clashes, 2 Store Championships, 2 Standard Events – lots of games to go and lots of playtesting to undertake with the new warbands. Is the Katophrane deck legit? Are objectives dead? Will Orruks rule the day? Time to find out!


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