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New Cards: The Good and the Bad


Well the new cards are up on !!

My initial thoughts are that there is too much to counter the objective game now and if I’m going to continue using Skaven then my deck will have to change drastically.


Let’s start with the good:

the good

The Hallowed Key: Hurray the final key to complete the set!! Order is restored!

The Formless Key: If you’re not running all the keys and going objective lite this will help get a bit more glory for you!

Our Only Way Out: Skaven are likely to shoot for Supremacy anyway this lets you keep that goal alive when you don’t draw Supremacy

The not-so-good:

the bad

Mischievous Spirits: This is actually worse than Earthquake for objective decks as there is no hard counter to reset the board state. DO NOT PUT OBJECTIVES NEAR BLOCKED HEXES!!

Frozen in Time: Normally I do not like 50/50 dice cards however with an increase in hand size becoming apparent then this card can kill the skaven/skeleton game. Losing resurrection and the one competent skaven fighter for a turn is just back breaking. Especially if you lose two or more important models that turn…include misdirection at all costs.

Great Concussion: Another card that affects the battlefield and allows for ‘bumps’ so certain models don’t move. It’s Earthquake 2.0.


The take away from this is that YES there are lots of cards to counter the objective game, but by running them then the aggro decks are not running the aggressive ploys.

However in my experience the aggro decks like Stormcast don’t really need ploys to boost their output but would happily have these cards to disrupt their opponents.

I can’t wait to get these new warbands on the table and begin building decks with ALL the cards available…Katophrane Relic deck anyone?


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2 thoughts on “New Cards: The Good and the Bad

  1. I think people are over reacting about the situation objective decks will be in with these expansions.
    Other cards that really help objective decks are quick thinker – denying your opponent a charge or letting you get a free move in the mirror – and invisible walls – literally completely denying an activation for agro decks vs objective ones.
    Hidden paths could also be potentially useful for skellies as they can now potentially grab objectives tucked away in the opponents board – and with expandable now being FAQ’d to actually work skaven have another mild buff.
    Also as you have pointed out their are some new solid objective cards to score – their is another advantage to the worse supremacy card – you can score it as well as supremacy in the same turn – 6 keys also starts to get really nasty.
    All in all its hard to say what the fate of objective decks will be until people actually play with the expansions but i think rumors of their demise are highly exaggerated.

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