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Element Games – Event Review


The penultimate round – Stormcast vs Skaven on Table 1

Stats for Nerds:

Below is a table of ALL my competitive games since I started playing around a month and a half ago. It’s crazy to think I’ve played 57 games competitively already PLUS all the non-recorded practice games.

Faction Total Games Games Won Games Lost Win % Total Glory For Total Glory Against Glory Diff AVG For AVG Against
Total 57 42 15 74% 646 441 205 11 8
Orruks 5 3 2 60% 31 39 -8 6 8
Skaven 44 31 13 70% 512 356 156 12 8
Stormcast 8 8 0 100% 103 46 57 13 6

Event Review

It’s an odd thing, to be championing Skaven and go win an event with Stormcast on their first run out. I took the Stormcast instead of Skaven as I fancied a palate cleanse after playing over 40 competitive games with the Skaven, and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I felt they would do better at the event due to the players attending and their usual faction choices.

An important part of competing in an event is to gauge the meta you’re entering. In the simplest terms if you were entering a rock-paper-scissors contest and you knew that 75% of the field always showed Rock then you would have better odds of winning playing Paper.

Round 1: vs Fyreslayers – Won 2


I was drawn against Paul(?) and his Fyreslayers who SMASHED my Skaven in the previous tournament. I was able to strike the grudge and come out on top with 2 wins on the bounce this time. A fortunate draw gave me reposition cards to remove Fjul from his objective and I was able to smash home a victory.

Round 2: vs Skeletons – Won 2

This match up feels very difficult for the Sepulchral Guard. I was able to charge in and score a lot of my ‘Score Immediately Cards’ which allowed me to get my guys tooled up and ready to keep on smashing. I think we’ll see the Guard get a lot better once the Katophrane Relics are all available and some lucky Petitioner will become a God.

Round 3: vs Skaven – Won 2

Having played Skaven competitively for a while now I know what I hate to see over the table and it’s an aggressive Stormcast deck that puts it’s objective as far forward as possible. So that’s what I did. It truly robs the Skaven of their strengths in Speed and respawning as all the action happens in a clustered area of the board. Between two players of equal skill this really feels like a coin toss and a lot will come down to if Skritch is able to remove a Stormcast early enough in the game that his minions can score the Objectives.

Round 4: vs Fyreslayers – Won 2

David’s beautiful Dwarves! He runs a painting commission service called Rough Riders.

I GOT SO LUCKY! I’m not so proud that I’ll say I won this on my skill alone. I feel I made all the right decisions and played well, taking advantage of my opponent’s sub-par dice where I had the opportunity BUT. BUT. had David’s dice been average or even a little bit kinder I feel these games would have gone a LOT differently. Over the two games the score was 24-9 but that truly doesn’t tell the tale of how scare the Fyreslayer deck was to fight against. EDIT: I see that Grand Clash winner Jay Clare has now won a Regional Clash with the Fyreslayers – proving they’re a force to be reckoned with.


I managed to get my hands on my first Shadeglass trophy. I’m so happy! I’m looking forward to going back to Skaven and trying to claim one with them now.

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  1. Interesting to see you going back to aggro stormcast. Out if interested what type of decks are dwarves running ?

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