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Rebel Base Gaming – Event Review

Jamie (left), Alex (Centre), Callum (Right)

Last weekend I attended the inaugural Shadespire Event at Rebel Base Gaming, with the new shiny OP Kit in use! I REALLY WANT A GLASS TROPHY!

We had to submit our deck lists a week before the event and I thought I’d try something a little bit different, whilst still being objective focussed I thought I’d see how it went removing some of the ‘auto-include’ ploys and upgrades and instead trying to push the Skaven speed up to blue hedgehog levels.

It was after the decks were submitted that it was announced that we were playing for the OP Kit. Woe is me. Why did I deviate from the plan?

Round 1: vs Skaven – Won 2, Lost 1

Tough. This is not an easy match up – we’re both playing the same game plan and have similar cards to facilitate it. I was able to comfortably win my first game but then Skritch dropped the ball on a clutch play to take out the opposing Skritch & Krrk to square out Game 2…it wouldn’t be the last time he did that. I was fortunate in Game 3 to get to grips with the opposing Skritch early and manage to take him out which sealed the deal.

This match up took a LOT of thinking power first thing in the morning…

Round 2: vs Stormcast – Won 1, Lost 2

I was drawn against my travel buddy, regular opponent, and the eventual winner, Alex Hall and his Stormcast. We both know what each other’s deck wants to do and these were some of the most tightly fought games of Shadespire I’ve had. I took Game 1 by just 1 glory point, Alex was able to pick himself up and ravaged me in Game 2 with an aggressive Earthquake. Then in game 3 it was back to being super tight play with Alex taking the win with a single glory.

An interesting side-note in both the games I lost Supremacy was at the bottom of my deck. Shenanigans? 😉

Round 3: vs Fyreslayers – Lost 2

In all games I play when I lose badly I look for the bad decisions I made, and how I can improve my play for the future. A key part of this is asking your opponent what you could have done differently, and what they were cautious of happening. I will keep trying to find some reason bar bad dice for the decimation I received at the hands of the fyreslayers. I had the roughest storm; 2 objectives in both games, lost every roll to decide who went first/second in all six cases, lost skritch to a single hammer attack from Fjul-Grimnir despite having 3 dodge dice at the top of turn 2 in both games. It was S***. I apologised to my opponent profusely throughout but when you can’t interact with your opponent in any meaningful way it can be a very boring game.

Round 4: vs Orruks – Won 2

Orruks remain an easy match-up for Skaven and I think my dice and deck were feeling sorry for me after the last round as I got everything I needed at the right time. There isn’t much to say here. I got the 3 objectives both times, I had Supremacy in my opening hand, Lurking Skaven rolled a Crit to live, followed by a Crit & Dodge, followed by a Double Crit. I was apologising to my opponent for the opposite reason this time round.

Overall Position – 3rd

I’ll be honest I was incredibly shocked to hear I’d come third. I think that the event may have been ranked on your TP then Glory Scored as I finished the day on 2 wins/2 losses and 100 Glory Scored over 10 games. This was a low scoring event for me, and I hope that I can pick myself up ready for the events next weekend.

Words from the Winner:

I have the luxury of a wide variety of gaming groups thanks to my role at Steamforged Games and some of these are Game Developers who are VERY GOOD at games. One such Developer is Alex Hall I asked him if I could have a sound byte for the blog he said:

Roll your dice better than your opponent – Alex Hall

Words we can all live by.


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