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Upcoming Events!


Just thought I’d drop a quick note to let you know which events I’m attending this and next weekend – hopefully I’ll see some of you there, and for those who can’t attend I’ll be writing a short update of how I got on & how I feel about the changes to my Skaven Deck.

I was originally going to be attending Adepticon & taking part in the Grand Clash, sadly my Grandma passed away last week and those plans were cast aside to spend time with my family instead. Hopefully the finals will be available on Warhammer Twitch to watch afterwards, I’m very intrigued as to what the East Coast can conjure up and whether they’ll stick to the American stereotype of “Smash and Bash”. Good luck to all attending.

Saturday 24th March – Rebel Base Gaming – Shadespire Sortie

This will be my first event at the newly opened Rebel Base Gaming and I’m hoping to make the podium again! My aim for the year is to win a Grand Clash so hitting as many of these local events and stress testing my deck is key.

If you’re interested in coming along then tickets are still available here!

Friday 30th March – Element Games – Friday Night Shadespire

These are great little scrambles that happen fortnightly, they’re in the best of one format so I try not to take losing a round to heart in this format as variance can just be a b**** at times.

Saturday 31st March – FanBoy3 – Monthly Shadespire Event

I’ll be back to Fanboy3 in the heart of Manchester to defend my First Place last month – I expect the competition to be tough as Skaven aren’t as shiny and unexpected as they were last time.



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4 thoughts on “Upcoming Events!

  1. I am a skaven player myself but I didn’t have the dwarves to pick cards from their deck but ended up placing 4th out of 9 war bands. It was my first time ever playing with them and I made a few mistakes but overall I was pretty happy. My question is how have you dealt with aggressive Stormcast? I kept the player (best player in the area) to low glory but I wasn’t able to amass any real glory myself either.

    1. Hey Sean,

      Congrats on finishing 4th without the dwarven cards in your deck. You’ll definitely need to get some of them in there!!

      Aggrocast are possibly one of the toughest match ups for Skaven. You need to deploy your objectives differently versus them. Keep them spread far apart. Even to the extent of putting them in the opponent’s board half to keep the area that the Stormcast need to travel to hit you above 4/5.

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