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How to Play Turn One

This is a follow-on article to How to Deploy Skaven

I’ve been playing Skaven since their release last month and have had a good string of success with them. Placing 1st, 2nd, 2nd at a local events and 10th at the March Grand Clash. In all my games I’ve always found myself making the same few starting moves regardless of opponent, and then I have to adapt my plan based on their set-up, objective placement and opening moves.

I can’t help you adapt your plans but if you follow my Top 5 Tips for Competitive Play you’ll be on the right track. Hand on heart, the best way to get better is to play lots of practice games against a variety of opponents and decks. Try and get to a local scramble near you. Lots of Gaming Stores run 1 day events that cost less than a ten bob note to enter.

Turn One Checklist:

  • Hold all the Objectives in your Territory
  • Get Skritch Inspired
  • Score at least One Glory!
  • Try and hold three Objectives 




This is a nice and easy first turn. You’ll be looking to put Krrk on a ‘safe’ objective (Activation One) and two minnow rats onto the remaining two objectives (Activations Two and Three). If you can use ploys to achieve this  then use your remaining activations to either 1) move Skritch to safety 2) cycle your Objectives for something to Score.

If you have drawn Supremacy – Great, you might get to score 3 Glory & any additional Hold Objective X cards you drew,
If you haven’t drawn Supremacy – Don’t Panic! You can still score it in Turn 2, and if you’re lucky you might draw out your opponent’s Earthquake if they think YOU have Supremacy in hand.



2 obj

Again, you’ll want to put Krrk on a ‘safe’ objective (Activation One) and one of the minnows onto the other (Activation Two). Unlike with three objectives you’ll need to be aggressive to grab the third (if required). The best way I have found to do this is to allow one of your rats to get killed (red glow), conceding a Glory to the opponent but allowing you to resurrect the sneaky rat in the opponent’s territory (Activation Three) and go grab an objective (Activation 4). You’ll need to make sure you haven’t moved before biting the dust as you cannot Move again!



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