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Always the Bridesmaid…


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This weekend I attended two events, the first at my LGS Element Games and the second at JustPlay Games in Liverpool. In both events I managed to place Second Overall which was fantastic but being so close to gold both times has spurred me on to continue with Skaven and keep honing my deck. I’m getting close readers. I can feel it in my bones.

Tweaks to the deck:

Below is pretty much the deck I took to the event, except swap Ethereal Shield Upgrade (Convert Dodge to Shield) for Acrobatics (+1 Def with Dodge).


Changes I’m going to be trialing at the next few events will be to swap out:

  • Ploymaster for Tactical Supremacy 3-4
  • Shadeglass Darts for Sneaky Stab-Stab

Reasons for the changes are that 1) Push the Objective Game even harder, 2) Sneaky Stab-Stab is not only a great name, but allows some much greater mobility especially when paired with Skitter-Skurry to allow Skritch to effectively have a reach of 3 Hexes on his attacks.


I’ve been to five events in total now and have 32 competitive games under my Katophrane Belt. The data is starting to take shape but the numbers are still a bit low to provide anything conclusive except for one thing…Skaven are a bad match up for Orruks.

My competitive record as a whole:


Obviously Skaven are my go-to faction and the data speaks for itself, a win rate of 78% with a faction is pretty damn good. If I dig into the data a little further and look at my Skaven match ups we can determine that nearly half my games have been vs Orruks and since I know that deck and it’s capabilities reasonably well it’s difficult to determine wether it’s a) a good match up for Skaven on the whole, b) I know what their likely plans are and how best to counter it, or c) a compound of both which skews my win % highly versus them:


Whilst I do have win % of 100 and 0 in this list, the sample sizes are far too small to draw anything accurate. For example, the two Skeleton games were a 10-10 draw (lost on objectives held) and a 10-11 loss due to untimely Earthquakes. Whilst I know for a fact that I won two of the Stormcast games because their dice were vindictive cubes of hate that wanted me to win the game.

I’ll be continuing to track my competitive record and hope to play more factions at events so I can get a wider variety of results and we can really dig into the nitty gritty of the game.

Element Games - Wargaming Webstore


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  1. I was wondering if you could share with us your board&objectives placement strategy?

    Short or long edges? Are you setting up for defensive play or for objective grabbing in your opponents territory?

      1. Sounds great! I will look forward to reading your article when it’s ready.

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