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Skaven Deck Re-worked

If you read my previous blog post about how I got on at the recent Warhammer World Grand Clash then you’ll know I favoured an Objective focused Skaven deck but had some flex slots that I felt could be improved upon. I’m heading to two local scrambles this weekend and will be putting my reworked deck through it’s paces.

After the two events this weekend I’ll be doing a write up on how the games went, and whether I feel these changes were worth it or if it’s back to the drawing board.



The Objective Deck has changed slightly to push the Hold Objective plan – I replaced Denial with Tactical Supremecy 1-2. Denial simply wasn’t achievable at the Grand Clash with so many Aggrocast and Orruks it was a shock to the system as my local meta is quite defensive.


Arm’s Length is swapped out for Determined Defender. Arm’s Length required no support in combat so was left to the heart of the dice, which I’m not a fan off and was not enjoying drawing this objective card. It’s been replaced by Determined Defender which is a bit slower but I realised I was doing this anyway so why not score glory for it!

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After the Grand Clash I felt that Healing Potion was a bit of a waste due to either being one-hit killed or left alone, this has been swapped out for Nervous Scrabbling (aka Skaven Confusion) to allow for more objective grabbing and keeping the Skaven Inspiration requirements under my control.


Momentary Boldness is a card that is brilliant when it comes off but can be quite telegraphed and easily disrupted, in my playtest games I found a switched-on opponent would counter it effectively.  This was replaced with Illusory Fighter to allow an over-extended Skritch to return to the safety of my territory.


Finally, the ploy that I have enjoyed the most since it’s inclusion has been Rethink Strategy (replacing Misdirection) – this has allowed me to cycle through my objectives quicker to find Supremacy and Making a Statement.



Bodyguard for a Price IS a good card, however I wasn’t finding myself using it to the best of it’s ability so I swapped it out for Ethereal Shield to give Skritch Shields on defence rather than relying on Dodge.

Updated Deck List

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2 thoughts on “Skaven Deck Re-worked

  1. Many thnx man. I really want a good skaven deck but I got hammered down by Orruks because they keep scoring on my resurrected Skavens and keep pushing/charging me off objectives. Latest play style was totally ignoring the Orruks by not hitting them at all (so they do not inspire) and when I look at your deck list and see all the push ploys and confusions can make it work; on the latest activation of the turn you can push en change positions to take the objectives. I’ll give it a try!

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