Top 5 Tips for Competitive Play


Are you attending a Grand Clash? Want to win the delicious swag? Nothing can replace practice, but these 5 Tips will improve your play!

Jamie’s Top 5 Tips When Playing Shadespire

  1. Ask yourself “How am I scoring Glory this turn?” – Don’t be tempted to go and hit someone just because you can. You have 12 activations in which to score Glory. Make every single one count!
  2. Don’t be afraid to throw ‘good’ cards away or use them in ‘sub-optimal’ circumstances. A terrible mindset in any game is to hold onto your shiny ability/power because you haven’t met the Goldilox conditions. Use it, gain immediate benefit, force your opponent to react or discard it to cycle your deck quicker to get a more beneficial card.
  3. As a rule of thumb, you want to go Second in Turn One, First in Turn Two, and Second in Turn Three. This gives you:
    • Control over the engagement in Turn One i.e. your opponent will move into your range if they have any intention of hitting you.
    • Back to back activations to assassinate a key piece at the start of Turn Two.
    • The final activation of Turn Three; you have a final view of the battlefield – are you in a place to stop Denial/Contained by simply moving into their territory
    • You may want to keep going first if you’re playing an Aggro-deck that requires kills to gain glory to ensure you can begin applying Upgrades.
  4. Learn which board suits your warband playstyle and how you’ll deploy if the opponent rotates it against you – Practice that board and become well versed with it. When is it worth allowing all hexes to meet or bottlenecking? How will you play going short edge to short edge?
  5. Remember what is in your deck!! The discard piles are open information. By Turn 3 you should have a pretty clear idea of what objectives, ploys and upgrades you’ll have remaining – don’t cycle your objectives in Turn 3 looking for something you discarded in Turn 1.


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