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Into the Underworlds


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Background: I’ve been playing Warhammer Underworlds for just over a month, have attended three events, and played too many practice games to count. I was attracted to this game through the Organised Play promotion by GW, and the USP that the game is “designed for competitive play”. All these points struck a chord with me, so I went all in and bought every box in a heartbeat.

Initially I was drawn to the Orruks for their resilience and pure-aggro playstyle, however I soon found out that dice are still malicious cubes of hatred and that they don’t care what your plans are. After placing 4th in a local event due to some terrible variance in dice rolls, I was committed to creating a deck that didn’t rely on take-outs and to reduce variance as much as possible.

So, I came up with this deck for my Skaven. I should say this has gone through many iterations before settling and will likely change again with the meta, and spoke with Jay Clare pre-Grand Clash about the deck too. To me it is obvious that Skaven are an Objective focused faction with their high speed, resurrection, and double defence dice when Inspired, and when building the deck this was at the forefront of my mind.

**This deck won me 10th place at the March Grand Clash but I’ll be swapping out a few of each card types after being exposed to a majority Stormcast meta**



The plan for my objective deck was to have a large amount of easy to achieve objectives that I can cycle through quickly, and don’t need to worry about mulliganing or discarding at the end of a turn – reducing the effect of variance, though this time in Cards rather than Dice.

Hold Objective 1-5: These have been included as I will have either 2 or 3 objectives deep in my territory and provide an easy base to gain Glory from.

Supremacy: If I have 3 objectives in my territory. Awesome. Easy 3 Glory. If I have two and need to claim one…I feel confident I can do that.

Escalation: Absolute value. I find it difficult not to take this card into any deck. 3 Upgrades total need to be played from either player.

Denial*: If it happens brilliant, if not it gets discarded. Probably my most variance heavy objective.

Ploymaster: Easy to plan for, easy to achieve.

Making a Statement: Against aggro decks this is just so easy. If I get 3 Objectives and only have to claim 2 of theirs to earn this, fantastic!

Arms Length*: Skritch never gets into an adjacent hex if he can avoid it – this is achievable and score immediately for easier deck cycle.

Skritch is the Greatest: see above.

*After playing against mainly Stormcast and Orruks I will be removing Arms Length and Denial for more Objective orientated cards.


You will see from my Ploys that I am largely focused on Action efficiency and triggering the Skaven Inspire conditions, coming from competitive X-Wing & Guild Ball this has been ingrained into my playstyle. There are Always More, Ready for Action, Momentary Boldness, Shifting Shards and Sidestep all provide me with the benefit of an Action for the cost of a card. #VALUE

Sidestep: Inspires & moves someone in or out of range.

Healing Potion*: Inspires & keeps someone important alive.

Ready for Action: An auto-include in every deck, more attacks/move. Helps reduce variance when an attack goes wrong or lets you snowball faster by having Skritch attack someone else.

Earthquake: It’s an objective deck. This is included to counter Earthquake. Lots of discussion has been made on this card and it needn’t be repeated here.

Confusion: Inspires two or claims an objective. #value

Misdirection: Inspires & protects an objective.

Confused Priorities: I need that objective and you’re sat on it. Give it to me. OR my personal favourite of getting an objective to a safer location that I know I’ve got a Key for.

Shifting Shards: More movement shenanigans to move an objective onto a spawn point for more action efficenecy.

There Are Always More: You killed my ‘danglebro’ and now he’s in backfield claiming your objectives.

Momentary Boldness*: Massive utility card that helps mitigate dice variance.

*I found that the Health Potion was a waste as Skritch would either be 1-hit killed or ignored, whilst Momentary Boldness is a favourite of mine it is too difficult to pull off frequently.


The upgrades I’ve chosen really play heavily into the objective game and action efficiency. Scoring Glory from upgrades via the keys can make for a devastating turn 3, especially since you can bring back the minnows with their gear still attached.

Great Speed: Push your strengths and make the fast things faster to claim objectives easier.

Great Strength: Scare your opponent with Skritch’s huge threat range and DMG potential.

Great Fortitude: Skritch is vulnerable and so important. Keep him healthy.

Shadeglass Darts: Helps to keep skaven who are holding objectives relevant with the range of this weapon.

Skitter-Scurry: Action efficiency at it’s finest. You get to Push 1 hex after making an action, perfect for grabbing objectives and keeping attack options open.

Bodyguard for a Price*: More action efficiency. Skritch is fundamental to the list so having him on Guard, especially whilst inspired, makes him incredibly difficult to deal with.

Keys: Turning objectives into two glory at the end of the game is SO key (pardon the pun) to this deck’s high glory scores.

 *If Krrk dies early or is busy elsewhere this is a wasted card – it will be swapped out for the Shadeglass Hammer to allow a minnow rat to join in the fight.


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  1. Great start. Interested to know where the events are that you will be going to. Are these large events like Grand Clash or smaller like at your LGS. Will you be playing other factions? Maybe you can give some details on what the goal is against different factions.

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