Katophrane Relics are Easy to Beat

The title is a lie. Katophrane Relic decks are not easy to beat, and aren’t fun to play against. Since I started playing Shadespire back at the release of Skaven I have wanted to play a Katophrane Relic deck, hence the name of the this very website AND if you’ve been following the blog I have largely been focussed on creating decks that don’t require … Continue reading Katophrane Relics are Easy to Beat

New Cards: The Good and the Bad

Well the new cards are up on https://warhammerunderworlds.com/card-library/ !! My initial thoughts are that there is too much to counter the objective game now and if I’m going to continue using Skaven then my deck will have to change drastically. THESE ARE INITAL THOUGHTS AND LIKELY TO CHANGE UPON PLAYING THE CARDS. Let’s start with the good: The Hallowed Key: Hurray the final key to complete the … Continue reading New Cards: The Good and the Bad

Element Games – Event Review

The penultimate round – Stormcast vs Skaven on Table 1 Stats for Nerds: Below is a table of ALL my competitive games since I started playing around a month and a half ago. It’s crazy to think I’ve played 57 games competitively already PLUS all the non-recorded practice games. Faction Total Games Games Won Games Lost Win % Total Glory For Total Glory Against Glory … Continue reading Element Games – Event Review